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Most people buy their dogs at a pet store or from a breeder. At Dog Harbour we believe that dogs should not be bought and breeded without any control while millions of exisiting dogs are fighting for pure survival on the streets of this world. They are starving, mistreated, and left out. They are traded, taken advantage of, and disposed of like garbage. We provide a platform for small, independent organizations that fight to stop this.

We help promoting dogs for adoption and raise money to help dogs in need. We sponsor people who have almost nothing but still struggle daily to make a difference and change a life.

Every dog you see here is being cared for by these organizations, fostered in their homes and taken to vets who are generous enough to help any dog in need - even a stray dog.

Your help
Your help

Adopting a dog is the biggest help you can give at this stage. Winter is coming and most of these dogs are living outside in small shelters with no roofs, only the most simple dog houses to keep them warm“. This is especially hard on the puppies, old dogs, smaller dogs and dogs which are in need of medical treatment. All dogs are dewormed, vaccinated, chipped and have a EU Passport.

Can't adopt? Your donations, no matter how small, allow these organizations to continue their work and help dogs in need. For further information and bank details please visit their website or send an email to

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Wishing on a home

Are you considering to make a dog part of your life? Why not help a dog in need?

Adopt a dog and make yourself and your family a present you'll fall in love with.

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Our dogs

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  • Sabir
  • Elsa


More puppies and young dogs can be found in our gallery.

Volunteers at work

Some of our partners



Robi is a non-profit organization based in Romania, which since started, has neutered and spayed over 2500 dogs and cats and successfully mediated over 2000 dogs.

ROBI website

Animals need us

Animals need us

ANU is a non-profit organization fighting to save dogs from Romania’s streets, to provide the medical treatment they need and to get the dogs successfully adopted.

A.N.U. on Facebook

Salvate Canes e.V.


Salvate Canes helps to get dogs in need successfully adopted in Germany and other EU countries and supports Romanian organizations in any way needed.

Salvate Canes website

Casa Animale e.V.


Casa Animale is a shelter for dogs in need as well as a non-profit organization, which operates in Hungarian killing stations and shelters.

Casa Animale Website